I decided to warm up to video editing with a montage of favorite/most ridiculous clips from Travis and I`s summer in South America. I promise to make some more, uhm, informative videos in the coming weeks… For now, enjoy the ridiculousness!

South America. YEAH!

You Take Your Car to Work, I’ll Take My Board

After all the Machu Picchu hiking and general Lima crappiness, we were so, so excited for beach time in Ecuador. And we got exactly what we wanted. Canoa, a teeny tiny dirt road coastal town 8 hours from Quito, was perfect. It was hot and sunny and there was good food, fruity cocktails, and plenty of surfer boy eye candy.

We lazed about in hammocks, read our books under brightly colored beach cabanas and slept under mosquito nets and a creaking fan at night. We ate delicious shrimp ceviche, and, don’t worry dear readers, I predictably vomited from food poisoning; I am not meant to love seafood the way I do…

Anyhow by the third day I was feeling well enough to take a surfing lesson, which beat the hell out of my now-aching old timer joints but man is that fun. I could only stand up on las olas pequinas blancas (the little white waves) but the point is I STOOD UP ON A SURF BOARD! MANY TIMES! So that was an accomplishment. Basically the Beach Boys had me in mind when they wrote Surfin Safari, Little Surfer Girl, and Surfin’ U.S.A. Hang ten, and shit, man. Or as they say in Ecuador, “chevere.”